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School of Business & Leadership

Welcome to the Malone School of Business & Leadership


The School of Business and Leadership is governed by four cornerstones that support the overarching vision and mission of Malone University:

The vision of the School of Business and Leadership is to provide both undergraduate and graduate degree programs that meet the diverse educational needs and professional goals of students seeking to integrate Christian values into their work.

The mission of Malone University is to provide students with an education based on biblical faith in order to develop men and women in intellectual maturity, wisdom, and Christian faith who are committed to serving the church, community, and world.

Acts 13:47 For so the Lord has commanded us, saying, "I have set you to be a light for the gentiles, so that you may bring Salvation to the ends of the earth."

1. Highly qualified teaching professionals.

You will be surrounded by teaching professionals who can explain concepts and help you take the knowledge forward to apply the learning in the workplace.

2. Learning rooted in ethics and biblical principles.

Long before it was common for business schools to incorporate ethics into their curriculum, Malone has integrated ethical and biblical principles in every aspect of training as an imperative for education.

3. A degree from Malone University is respected and our graduates are sought after in the workplaces in Stark County and beyond.

Our graduates have a work ethic that is consistent with the needs of today's marketplace. Organizations send us glowing reviews about our alumni and applaud their success.

4. The faculty and staff of Malone University care for the whole person and stress experiential activism.

Learning is more than what we get in the classroom or from an online class. Learning is about contributing, giving back to the community and beyond.  We help our students engage the world in which we live. From campus organizations designed to implement community service projects to service-learning trips to countries that need clean water, we take seriously this calling.

Contact us with any questions you might have, as we would love to help you take advantage of a program that changes lives. Whatever you’re looking for – whether a traditional undergraduate degree in business administration, sport management, finance or accounting, to degree completion for the already busy working adult, to master’s level degrees in business and leadership – Malone University will provide a springboard for your own career. And your life.