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Accounting, BA

accounting illustration Earn a major or minor in accounting!

Accountants – especially Malone accountants – are in high demand!

Choose from a variety of fields or environments as you prepare for your future by taking courses in accounting, economics, and business administration. Malone’s emphases on integrity, ethics, and service add the essential ingredients for which employers are searching. After completing your degree, you’ll be able to candidate for the CMA and CFM certifications – as well as earn the chance to pursue CPA certification.
An Accounting minor also is available - see requirements below.

Amy Cribbs image


"You may be led down a path that you didn't even realize existed! "

- Amy (Shell) Cribbs
2000 Alumna

Required courses are:

A grade of C or higher is required in both ACCT 211 and ACCT 212 in order to be admitted into the major.
You must have a minimum major GPA of 2.25 to graduate with the accounting major.

  • BUS 240 meets the Quantitative Reasoning requirement of the general education program.
  • ECON 202 meets the American Cultures and Institutions and the Social Science requirements of the general education program.
If you're not familiar with the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you should take:

The accounting major is a combination of accounting and business administration courses that prepares you to immediately enter the accounting profession and to seek professional certification.
The major meets all educational requirements to become a candidate for the CMA and CFM certifications.
The major contains the courses required by Ohio law to allow you to pursue the CPA certification through further education as a graduate or undergraduate student or through the testing option.

If you want to meet the CPA candidacy requirements through 150 hours of education, you may do so by entering the Malone University MBA program or by following a program of undergraduate courses designed to meet the needs of the particular student.

Admission as an undergraduate senior into the Malone University MBA program is possible by meeting the requirements set by the School of Business and Leadership. The accounting major also meets the admissions requirements of many other business and accounting graduate programs.


Accounting Minor

Any two of the following six courses: