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Why Malone?

Why study accounting, business administration, or sport management at Malone University?

That's a great question - one we're so glad you asked!

  • Malone University is serious about integrating Christian ethics into the curriculum you’ll study. We emphasize ethics and integrity and make an intentional effort to make you aware of honorable business practices.

  • Because of Malone’s proximity to a metropolitan area and our respected reputation, you’ll have numerous internship opportunities to help you discover just where you want to use your talents. You’ll be able to get hands-on experience at non-profit organizations, churches, small businesses, or corporations. 

  • Malone’s Students in the Enactus team has been incredibly successful in recent years – advancing to nationals and getting opportunities to practice their skills in front of Fortune 500 leaders. 

  • You’ll be taught by faculty members with doctorate degrees who have a wealth of experience – global and multinational finance, Christian investment, social sustainability, economic development, mortgage security, public accounting experts, small business, and more. 

  • If you major in Sport Management, you’ll be taught by former professional athletes and athletic directors, as well as business professors. 

  • You’re encouraged to pick up a minor or even a second major –and with guidance can typically complete both in four years – to maximize the benefits of your liberal arts education.