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Always Learning

Morton Men

When Scott Morton (right) graduated from Malone’s MMP program in 2009 (in class M232), he decided he wasn’t done with his education just yet.

So the Deputy Chief for the Jackson Township Fire Department continued at Malone – becoming a member of Malone’s first class of Master’s of Organizational Leadership graduates. Ironically, his father, Robert, was in the first graduating class of the Malone College Management Program (MCMP - now Malone Management Program).

“Malone’s MAOL program was challenging and the expectations were high, but that is what made the MAOL program unique and appealing to me,” says Scott Morton. “The program is interactive and provides individuals with the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences with peers, which enhances the learning process.”

The continued education has helped Scott professionally. He began his career with the department in 1994 as a firefighter. He was promoted to captain in 2003, and in 2011 – the same year he completed the MAOL program – he was promoted to Deputy Chief.

“MAOL has given me the ability and confidence to handle my responsibilities in an objective and professional manner,” says the Deputy Chief.

"We both really enjoyed our experiences here," says Robert Morton.