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Learning Outcomes

The School of Business and Leadership's Department of Management Studies sets high expectations for our faculty - and for you, our students.

We expect you to learn what you need to know to attain personal success and fulfill your public responsibilities in a global and diverse society. We define educational quality by how well we achieve our mission relative to these student learning outcomes:


  • Students will analyze and apply the basic concepts and theories of management.

  • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of a Christian worldview and values and how they relate to management principles.

  • Students will be able to communicate effectively in both an academic and business setting.

  • Students will be able to develop and apply research and problem solving capabilities applicable to management.

  • Students will be able to make educated/learned informed choices in both professional and personal areas of their lives that demonstrate understanding of Christian values.

A focus of achieved student learning is critical. The Department of Management Studies utilizes four categories of student learning assessment: (1) Pre/Post Exam, (2) Ethical Case Resolution, (3) Business Critical Thinking Skills Test, (4) Service Learning Reflection.  All are part of required assignments within applicable courses of the program.