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Clinical Practice Outcomes

Prior to student teaching, candidates complete more than 120 hours in P-12 classrooms with experienced mentor teachers. The student teaching experience is 15 weeks and consists of a minimum of four (4) weeks of full-time teaching.

Each student teacher completes the edTPA, a performance assessment designed to answer the question, "Is a new teacher ready for the job?" In 2012-2013, Malone University participated in the third year of Ohio's pilot program for the edTPA. While data is limited, preliminary data indicates that our graduates are (1) adept at planning lessons which build on each other to support student learning and (2) skilled in monitoring students' progress during the learning process.

Student teachers are also evaluated by the Clinical Evaluation which is organized around the seven Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession . By the end of student teaching, candidates are expected to be at the "target" level. The rubric also includes descriptions of the expectations for teachers by the end of their four-year residency program.

Data for 2012-2013 indicate that Malone candidates received the highest ratings for Standards 1 (Teachers understand student learning and development and respect the diversity of the students they teach.), 2 (Teachers know and understand the content area for which they have instructional responsibility.), and 4 (Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction that advances the learning of each individual student.) with Standard 6 (Teachers collaborate and communicate with students, parents, other educators, administrators and the community to support student learning.) being the lowest.

By the end of student teaching, teacher candidates are expected to demonstrate at the application level four (4) dispositions—providing service, practicing fairness, promoting stewardship, and believing that all students can learn and grow. Student teachers are evaluated using the Dispositions Assessment. Data from 2012-2013 indicate that the four dispositions were actively observed in most candidates' interactions in P-12 classrooms. Belief that all students can learn and grow was most evident during the student teaching semester and the disposition of service was least evident.