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Clinical Outcomes

Prior to student teaching, candidates complete more than 120 hours in P-12 classrooms with experienced mentor teachers. The student teaching experience is 15 weeks and consists of a minimum of four (4) weeks of full-time teaching.

Each student teacher completes the edTPA, a performance assessment designed to answer the question, "Is a new teacher ready for the job?" It is the first national performance assessment for candidates entering the teaching profession and each edTPA is evaluated by trained, certified scorers. While Ohio does not currently have a set score teacher candidates are expected to achieve, a national panel of experts suggests a target score of 39-42.

edTPA Data for 2015-2016



Average Score

Fall 2015


Spring 2016


Malone University candidates ranked highest in: (2) Planning to Support Varied Student Learning Needs, (3) Using Knowledge of Students to Inform Teaching and Learning, (6) Learning Environment, and (7) Engaging Students in Learning.

Student teachers are also evaluated by the C-PAST, Candidate Preservice Assessment of Student Teaching, which is organized around the seven Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession and InTASC Standards. The C-PAST examines the teacher candidate’s abilities in the areas of Planning for Instruction and Assessment, Instructional Delivery, Assessment, Analysis of Teaching and allows for comparison of Malone University Candidates with a sample of candidates across the state of Ohio. By the end of student teaching, candidates are expected to be at the "meets expectations" level. The rubric also includes descriptions of the expectations for teachers that might exceed the expectation of a candidate within a student teaching experience.

The 2015-2016 Clinical Evaluation Data indicates that over 93% of our teacher candidates consistently met or exceeded each domain. Candidates showed considerable strength in Planning for Instruction and Assessment, with over 60% exceeding expectations in “Focus for Learning: Standards and Objective/Targets,” “Materials and Resources,” and “Assessment of Student Learning.”

Candidates are also evaluated in the area of Professional Dispositions including Professional Commitment and Behaviors, Professional Relationships, and Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice. The 2015-2016 Clinical Dispositions Data indicates that over 91% of our teacher candidates consistently met or exceeded each domain. Candidates scored particularly high on “Preparation,” “Punctuality,” “Collaboration,” and “Responding Positively to Constructive Criticism,” with 68% or greater exceeding expectations.