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Responsibilities of the Cooperating Teacher

As the cooperating teacher (CT), you play a key role in guiding and shaping the student teacher's (ST) experience. The university supervisor (US) will visit your classroom at least eight (8) times during the semester and complete a minimum of six (6) formal observations. The CT and US are to work as a team with the goal of developing a successful beginning teacher.

 The CT is expected to:

  • Help the student teacher feel accepted and wanted
  • Conduct a tour of the school
  • Provide information regarding classroom, school, and district policies
  • Protect the best interests of the students
  • Schedule the delegation of classroom responsibilities to the student teacher as he/she demonstrates capacity to fulfill them
  • Provide constructive feedback to the student teacher
  • Participate in conferences with the ST and US
  • Establish weekly times to meet with the ST and discuss pertinent topics
  • Introduce the ST to school administrators, fellow teachers, staff, and parents
  • Help students see and accept the ST as a co-worker on the teaching staff
  • Provide a location in the classroom for the ST to work and place personal and professional materials
  • Become familiar with the ST's personal and educational background as it relates to his/her teaching
  • Provide information regarding the ST's students
  • Allow the ST to assume full-time solo teaching for a minimum of four (or more) weeks
  • Initially share responsibility with the ST for planning activities, then gradually transfer responsibility to the ST
  • Model for and encourage use of a wide variety of teaching methods
  • Observe and critique the ST's performance on a regular basis
  • Remain in the classroom a majority of the time until the four or more weeks of soloing
  • Assist the ST in evaluation of personal and professional growth
  • Ensure the ST reports on student learning and growth
  • Provide direction for the ST in maintaining cumulative records
  • Model the use of various teaching media and ask the ST to follow suite
  • Expect the ST to fully experience all aspects of the his/her responsibilities
  • Complete formal midpoint and endpoint evaluations of the ST using the Evaluation of Student Teaching form
  • Arrange for the ST to visit and observe other teachers in the building during the last week of student teaching