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Physical Education

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Teach children the power of activity!

Teaching children physical education fulfills a unique role in their overall development.

Learn activities and games that provide kids with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for a healthy lifestyle. You'll learn from professors such as Kathy Haas, who says, "Our vision is to communicate the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, physical activity, or just play - a challenge in today's society!"

In addition to the Teacher Education Candidate Proficiencies, physical education candidates demonstrate their ability to develop and plan physical education curriculum (K-12) that includes developmentally appropriate instructional strategies targeting state and national standards.

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"I know this is where I belong."

- Hannah McCormish
Elementary Education, 2012

A major in Physical Education consists of the following:

Professional education courses totaling 35 hours are also required for licensure:

Additional Information

  • Valid Red Cross First Aid & Safety Certification is also required.

Acquiring licensure in both Physical Education and Health Education:

Acquiring licensure in both Physical Education and Health Education is an option that may enhance employability, particularly in the state of Ohio. With the following additional courses, a student will receive health education licensure valid for teaching health education in PreK-12. Careful planning with the academic advisor is encouraged. Two additional semesters will be required in order to complete both licensure programs.