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Tk20 Information

Cooperating teachers, please click here for instructions!

To ensure that our programs align with critical state and national standards, Teacher Education at Malone University uses Tk20's Campus Tools for Higher Education to monitor and assess the progress of our candidates. This tool helps address the needs of our candidates, graduates, and faculty through access to the following features:

  • Creation, submission, and assessment of key assignments online.
  • Submission of forms online, including application for student teaching and transition through teacher education gateways.
  • Standards-based, reflective, electronic portfolios.
  • Tracking and management of field and clinical experiences.
  • Data aggregation from multiple assessments for candidates and programs.
  • Candidate advisement, with access to records, assessments, transcripts, and program requirements.
  • Creation of reports for comprehensive analyses and accreditation support.
  • Powerful survey/collaboration tools for current candidates, graduates, educators in the PreK-12 setting and other education partners.

Malone Faculty, Staff and Candidate Login:

You can access your Tk20 account at: https://assessment.edu

Questions and Support:

You can access your user guide, tutorials, and other help material from:


For questions or technical support, please contact the Malone Teacher Education Tk20 Support Team at: tk20_admin@malone.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tk20?

Tk20 is a comprehensive data management system that allows students to be active online participants in multiple areas of their college experience including: class-based and field-based assignments, field experience, student teaching, clinical practice, internships, and academic advising.

2. How much storage space is available?

We will have ample space for all student work.

3. Is Tk20 available on both Macs and PCs?

Tk20 is software program that can be accessed easily by both Mac and PC users.

4. Is the system secure and confidential?

No one will have access to your files except candidates, their instructors and advisers.

Directions for Cooperating Teachers