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Graduate Licensure Program:
Adolescence to Young Adult License; 
Multi-Age License

IllustrationChange lives - Teach!

Earn both a teaching license and a master's degree in Malone's Graduate Licensure Program.

The Adolescent and Young Adult Licensure graduate program is designed for those who already have an undergraduate major in one of four content areas (Math, Science, History, English) and prepares them to teach grades 7-12.

The Multi-Age Licensure Program is for individuals who have an undergraduate degree in Spanish and prepares them to teach grades K-12.

These programs allow candidates to pursue an initial teaching license at the graduate level. Program courses include content in educational foundations, learning theory, assessment, instructional methodology, instructional technology, content area reading, exceptionalities, and classroom management. A semester of full-time student teaching is required.

The degree program consists of 12-14 semester hours of Graduate Foundation courses, 16 hours of Educational Foundations courses, and 17 hours of Core courses.

45+ hours: Ohio Assessment for Educators Examinations are required by The Ohio Department of Education for licensure.