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Educational Leadership (Principal License)

Learn to lead effectively to make a better future for children.

Interested in earning your principal's license? 

This program prepares teachers to become leaders in curriculum, instruction, classroom management, and other critical areas in education and leads to the Principal license*. Program content includes strategic planning and management, communication and collaboration skills, and data-driven decision making; advocacy and ethical leadership are emphasized.

Program Requirements:

A. Foundation Courses (12 hours)

B. Core Courses (9 hours)

Cognate Courses (15-25 hours)

* To qualify for the principal license, a candidate must hold the Master’s degree, pass the prescribed examination, have a valid Ohio teaching certificate/license, and have two years of successful teaching at the age level for which the principal license is sought. Candidates who already have a master’s degree may pursue the licensure program by completing the coursework indicated as licensure only (*).

The program consists of 12 semester hours of Foundation courses, 9 semester hours of Core courses, and 15 semester hours of Cognate courses. Candidates may elect to complete an additional 10 semester hours of required post-masters Cognate courses for the Principal license (see EDSU** and SPED** courses above).