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Counselor Education Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Program Goals:

  1. Prepare and empower students to become advocates, who practice with multicultural competence, a holistic understanding of human nature, and as problem solvers in collaboration and consultation with others.
  2. Encourage the development of proactive and reflective practitioners, grounded in sound theory and techniques, with an ability to utilize technology.
  3. Assist students in understanding the interface between personal faith and one's practice and that people have a spiritual dimension that needs valued, nurtured, and accessed for continued growth and development.
  4. Exhibit professional competencies including modeling a professional manner in all settings, demonstrating honed intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, practicing with integrity in an ethical and legal manner, and meeting standards for state licensure and certifications.


Learning Outcomes:

By the conclusion of their program, students will

  1. Demonstrate the acquisition of initial counseling skills foundational to the counseling process.
  2. Collect and review data from clinical counseling literature and formulate their findings in a logical and clear writing manner.
  3. Demonstrate the capacity to acquire and utilize the dispositions consistent with professional counseling in the areas of clinical and intrapersonal/interpersonal functioning.
  4. Demonstrate requisite counseling skills in an external practicum setting with actual clientele indicating a readiness to practice as a professional counselor.
  5. Demonstrate skills, knowledge, and dispositions consistent with the professional identity of a professional counselor in an internship within an external setting.

In addition, students will earn the required passing score on select national exams:

  • Clinical Counseling - National Counselor Examination
  • School Counseling - Praxis II examination as determined by the Ohio Department of Education