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Responsibilities of the Student Teacher

The area of professional relationships is one of the most important in the student teaching experience, but at the same time, it can be one of the most difficult. Candidates must give careful attention to developing the relationships with the cooperating teacher (CT), university supervisor (US), and students in his/her classroom. The student teacher (ST), CT, and US are to work as a team with the goal of developing a successful beginning teacher.

The student teacher is expected to:

  • Contact the CT as soon as placement is arranged to begin mutual planning and scheduling for the experience and to acquire an understanding of the teaching assignment
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding students and the school
  • Become knowledgeable about students' backgrounds, academic achievement, and development, and respect the diversity of the students
  • Recognize the legal responsibilities and authority of the CT and other school/district personnel
  • Participate in school and community activities
  • Know and follow school/district policy
  • Meet regularly with the CT for discussion, planning, evaluation, and professional growth
  • Report on student learning and growth
  • Assist in maintaining cumulative records
  • Use various teaching media
  • Fully experience all aspects of the cooperating teacher's responsibilities
  • Set an example for students in personal habits, conduct and dress
  • Utilize proficient communication skills
  • Maintain a professional attitude and positive manner
  • Present own points of view without imposing a personal bias
  • Be receptive of constructive feedback and continuous evaluation
  • Engage in reflective thinking
  • Exhibit a courteous, cooperative, and professional relationship with the entire school staff
  • Attend required Student Teaching Seminars (EDUC 460) and fulfill all student teaching requirements
  • Consistently exhibit professional behaviors and dispositions