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Program Policies

All policies as stated in the Malone University Undergraduate Catalog are followed in the Teacher Education Program. In addition, candidates (a university student enrolled in a program leading to a teaching license) desiring to become educators are held to the following code of conduct and the NEA Code of Ethics.                                          

Malone Teacher Education Code of Conduct

  1. The teacher candidate will perform in the role of the classroom teacher and should exhibit professional behaviors expected of a practicing teacher.
  2. The teacher candidate serves as a representative of Malone University and will be expected to uphold the philosophical tenets upon which the University is based.
  3. All relationships and interactions between teacher candidates and those in the field and student teaching experiences, including students and staff members, must always be strictly professional in nature and appearance. When the teacher candidate is participating in field and student teaching experiences, he/she will not engage in inappropriate fraternization with classroom students which may include, but is not limited to the following:
    • inappropriate covert or overt behaviors
    • romantic involvement with a minor (under age 18)
    • non-school sponsored casual or social contact; i.e. party at a student's home
    • inappropriate physical contact; i.e. holding the hand of a four-year-old child is different from holding the hand of a middle or high school student
    • inappropriate nonverbal, verbal, or written communications
    • contact with a classroom student on school grounds in an area not observable by others
    • transportation of students under the age of 18 is prohibited unless an emergency situation would dictate otherwise.
  4. Teacher candidate's use of Internet activities and fair use of copyright materials.
    • Viewing Internet activities: Teacher candidates should be vigilant and responsible during the viewing and use of Internet materials while supervising classroom students of all ages. Viewing or accessing inappropriate Internet materials by classroom students under the supervision of teacher candidates would have a detrimental effect on the teacher candidate and Malone University. Any inappropriate activity related to the above would be cause for disciplinary action by the University and could result in legal action by the State of Ohio.
    • Using copyrighted materials: Teacher candidates should view their position as a role model to classroom students of all ages as to the "Fair Use" of printed and electronic materials. Even though educators enjoy a certain degree of latitude regarding the use of printed and electronic materials, they must be always mindful that they are constantly viewed by classroom students as a benchmark for using copyrighted materials. Any inappropriate activity could be cause for disciplinary action by the University and/or result in legal action taken by the State of Ohio.
    • For additional information regarding "Fair Use" of copyrighted materials, please write to: NEA's Office of Higher Education: 1201 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036 or NEAcgr8@aol.com

Code of Conduct Violations

Code of Conduct infractions may be career ending. One or more of the following actions by the Malone School of Education and Human Development may result:

  • Prohibit acceptance into teacher education.
  • Prohibit acceptance into student teaching.
  • Removal from field and student teaching experiences.
  • Prohibit the State of Ohio from issuing a teaching license.

Action taken for Code of Conduct violations could include withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion from the University.


Use of Social Media

Candidates are urged to use extreme caution when using any social media. It is becoming more common for employers to search websites to obtain additional information about potential employees. Even if one does not post pictures of oneself via social media, others may do so and "tag" them for others to see. Here are some strong suggestions regarding social media:

  • Candidates should conduct themselves with integrity in all situations.
  • Realize that someone can take screenshots of chat conversations and send them to Malone or an employer (this HAS happened).
  • Never "friend" a student in field experiences on Facebook or any other social media sites.
  • Never give out a personal phone number to a student in field experiences.