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Responsibilities of the University Supervisor

As the university supervisor, you play a key role in guiding and shaping the student teacher's (ST) experience and in helping the cooperating teacher (CT) understand his/her role. The CT and US are to work as a team with the goal of developing a successful beginning teacher.

The US is expected to:

  • Represent Malone University in matters affecting the student teaching experience
  • Assist the ST in learning as much as possible during the student teaching experience
  • Become knowledge concerning the personal and educational background of the ST
  • Conduct regular visits to the ST's classroom (minimum eight (8), six (6) of which include formal, written observations
  • Conduct an orientation meeting with the CT and the ST which includes a discussion of the typical student teaching schedule and continuous evaluation
  • Regularly confer with the CT
  • Encourage the ST to stay on track with completing all of his/her student teaching requirements
  • Assist the ST in bridging the gap between theory and practice
  • Monitor the efficacy of the student teaching placement
  • Maintain positive, professional relationships with the school principal, staff, and teachers
  • Conduct a midpoint and endpoint evaluation conference with the ST and CT using the Evaluation of Student Teaching form
  • Submit evaluations, forms, credit/no credit recommendation, and mileage report to the Director of Field & Clinical Experiences in a timely manner
  • Arrange for the removal of a student teaching if this becomes necessary