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Self-Study Committee Rosters

Steering Committee

Don Tucker, Provost

Marj Carlson Hurst, Dean, School of Business and Leadership

Rhoda Sommers, Dean, School of Education and Human Development

Loretta Reinhart, Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nate Phinney, Dean, College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences

Charlie Grimes, Athletic Director

Janie Hoyt-Oliver, Professor of Social Work, Director of General Education

Mark Jakowski, Associate Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education/TK20 Coordinator

Charles Lartey, Director of Assessment

Criterion One: Mission and Integrity


Steve Jensen, Professor of English


Steve Moroney, Professor of Theology

Lora Wyss, Associate Professor of Nursing

Don Williams, Professor of Education

Kevin Williams, Admissions Counselor, 2004 Graduate

Nicole Hale, Undergraduate Student

Steve Steer, Chair of Board of Trustees

Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future


Brock Reiman, Associate Professor of Counseling and Human Development


John Zietlow, Professor of Finance

Cindy Wilson, Executive Director Malone Management Program

Scott Waalkes, Professor of International Politics

Joy Brathwaite, Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs

Natalie Denholm, Graduate Student

Diane Stevens Robinson, Diversity Consultant

Criterion Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching


Mary Quinn, Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership


Patty Long, Professor of Education

Kathleen Flaherty, Professor of Nursing

Jay Case, Professor of History

Walt Poland, Assistant Professor of Management Studies

Josh Perkins, Associate Dean of Student Development

Laura Foote, Instructor of Management Studies

Criterion Four: Acquiring, Creating, and Applying Knowledge


Jacci Stuckey Welling, Professor of History


Diane Chambers, Honors Program Director, Professor of English

Lauren Seifert, Chair of Institutional Review Board, Professor of Psychology

Susan Steiner, Associate Professor of Counseling and Human Development

Andrew Rearick, Undergraduate Honor Student

Susan Maioriello, Head Teacher, Weaver Child Development Center, 2011 Master's Graduate

Jamillee Krob, Instructor of Management Studies

Criterion Five: Engagement and Service


Deborah Robinson, Director of Alumni/Parent Relations, 1976 Graduate


Jack Harris, Professor of Business Administration, Director of Global and Off-Campus Programs

Esther Bardo, Manager of Development Research, 2007 Graduate

Clark Hoopes, Director of IT, 1975 Graduate

Steve Weingart, Board of Trustees, 1988 Graduate

Jim Glasgow, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Andi Dahler, 1985 Graduate (Social Work)

Logistics Support Team

Technical Support

Adam Klemann, Technology Services Coordinator

Michael Miller, Web Administrator

John Koshmider, Director of Distributed Learning, Associate Professor of Psychology

Communication Support

Suzie Thomas, Director of University Relations

Amber Balash, Content Manager for Publications and Web

Resource Coordinator

Karen Warner, Assistant to the Provost

Chief Editor

James Brownlee, Professor of English