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Responsibilities of Criterion Groups

The primary responsibilities of the Self-Study Steering Committee are to organize, supervise, direct, and coordinate the preparation and documentation of the Self-Study Report for a timely submission to the HLC/NCA in response to an expected visit in October 2012. In this context, the Five Criterion Groups are charged with the following responsibilities:

  • To examine the criteria established by HLC, paying particular attention to the components of each criterion and determining the extent to which Malone University meets the standard that is established [DESCRIPTION]
  • To collect data and evidence to support findings [ARTIFACTS]
  • To analyze the significance of the findings and the implications of this for the university and her future [ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION]
  • To identify specific areas of strength and commendation as well as concerns or challenges [COMMENDATIONS and RECOMMENDATIONS]
  • To determine if particular actions are needed to enhance Malone‚Äôs fulfillment of the criterion, prioritizing these in order of most important to least important [PRIORITIZATION]
  • To suggest potential follow-up responses and ways to implement these recommendations [IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE]
  • To compile a master resource list for reference purposes [DOCUMENTS]