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Goals and Guidelines of Self-Study

Goals of Self-Study

The six goals of the Malone University Self-Study are to:

  1. Address HLC concerns regarding weaknesses in the structure and execution of student learning outcome assessments and the creation of a culture of continuous improvements and documented evidence.
  2. Affirm the presence of and identify areas of excellence which support strong organizational commitment and alignment between mission and institutional activities.
  3. Enhance teaching and learning across the university through the analysis of baselines, benchmarks and goals for student learning, co-curricular impact on student development, and overall institutional effectiveness.
  4. Inform strategic planning initiatives and influence decision making and budget prioritization for the future growth and development of the University.
  5. Position Malone to continue to understand and meet the needs of the external community in collaboration with constituents and stakeholders.
  6. Demonstrate compliance with HLC criteria for accreditation.


The Malone University Self-Study strives to be guided by the following actions:

1.Ensure integrity in all aspects of the self-study process.

2.Be collaborative by involving all major stakeholders of the Malone University community.

3.Establish durable lines of communication throughout the University community to promote transparency to, and feedback from all concerned parties.

4.Pay particular attention to the components of each criterion and determine to what extent Malone University meets the standard that is established.

5.Identify specific areas of strength and commendation as well as concerns, challenges, and opportunities.

6.Analyze the significance of our findings and the implications of these for the university and her future.

7.Employ integrated measures to examine the level of institutional effectiveness on all major indicators.

8.Maintain referable documentation on all steps pertaining to the self-study process.

9.Integrate the results and priorities found through the process of this study into future planning strategies and budget plans.