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Timeline for the HLC Self-Study

This is a general timeline of anticipated action and review. Timelines will be updated according to the activities of Criterion Committees.

March-May 2010

HLC focused visit, university response, and external Readers Panel review

April 2010

Malone university team attends self-study workshop and HLC conference

June 2010

HLC focused visit response compromise approval form received

Self-study steering committee appointed

July 2010

Full-time Director of Assessment hired

August 2010

Karen Solomon, HLC liaison attends Malone University faculty retreat to review self-study process and accreditation criteria

September-December 2010

Self study steering committee meetings and development of plans for self-study

January-February 2011

Criterion committees finalized

Preliminary work and strategy sessions of criterion committees

March 2011

First response drafts and working plans due from criterion committees

April 2011

Criterion committee chairs attend HLC self-study workshops

May 2011

Criterion committees submit drafts of progress

June-July 2011

Editor begins preliminary work on compilation of content

Criterion committees meet for strategy sessions and continued discussions

August-December 2011

Open forums and public conversations

Criterion committees continue data collection, discussions, analyses

January-March 2012

Criterion committees submit written reports and analyses; preliminary identification of priorities

April-May 2012

Criterion committees, steering committee, editor review documents, self-study content, follow-up on identified needs

May-July 2012

Public review and comment on self-study document

Summaries and prioritization of findings

August 2012

Self-study material sent to HLC review team

Fall 2012

HLC site team visit: September 24-26, 2012