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Center for Clinical Learning (CCL)

The Center for Clinical Learning (CCL) is the nursing skills lab. There is a main lab with 10 patient care units. There is an adjacent practice lab with four patient care areas. The CCL has the equipment and supplies used in learning and practicing nursing skills. The main lab also serves as a classroom for sophomore level courses Health Assessment (221) and Foundations in Nursing Clinical (213). The CCL is used by all levels in the BSN program, and is also used in the RN-BSN and MSN programs.  The CCL is staffed by RNs and student workers.


Regula Hall 102, 106, 108




Bridget McNulty, MSN, RN, Director

Rose Day, BSN, RN, Assistant

Bailey Jones, BSN, RN, Assistant

Valerie McCaulley, BSN, RN, Assistant

Judy Wood, BSN, RN, Assistant


Hours are posted outside the CCL and vary from week to week


All University breaks

Community Worship (10-11 a.m. Wednesdays)