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Mission Statement & Federal Classifications of Public Health Programs

Mission Statement

The mission of Health Sciences is to prepare students to become Health Education Specialists in providing health promotion and education in the Malone Community, in the local community, and in the global community. The goal is to promote preventative healthy lifestyles for all populations by informing and serving others through the professional practices of health education.

Students completing this program will receive a B.A. degree in Community and Public Health Promotion and are prepared for careers in health promotion, health behavior, community health, public health, international health and wellness.

Federal Classifications of Public Health Programs

51.2201 Public Health General

An instructional program that prepares individuals to plan, implement, and evaluate publicly supervised and administered health care programs and systems. Includes instruction in principles of epidemiology, health law and regulations, law enforcement, biostatistical methods, budget policy and economics, report-making and personnel supervision.

51.2207 Public Health Education and Promotion

An instructional program that prepares public health specialists to provide specialized educational and informational services to populations affected by disease outbreak, health hazards or who are at risk. Includes instruction in health publicity, public relations, public health, campaign management, preparation of public health teaching aids and instructional materials, and application to specific public health problems and campaign audiences.