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Why Malone?

Why should you choose to study the health sciences at Malone?

Below are many reasons. Or if you have questions - and want to talk to a current student or professor - feel free to contact us.

  • Majors are taught only by professors who have earned doctorate degrees.

  • Community and Public Health Promotion requires internships – and our students have obtained internships from a variety of locations: Cleveland Clinic, Canton City Health Department, patient education in hospitals, the Prescription Network, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, etc. 

  • You’re given a chance to think about your faith – and incorporate it into your work in numerous ways, regardless of if you’re allowed to verbalize it. 

  • Both majors and a minor in Community Public Health Promotion (with a few additional hours) in the Health Sciences allow you to sit for the National Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam. In recent years, Malone students have had a 100 percent pass rate! Our pass rate for the Praxis exam (taken by teacher candidates who have completed the Health Education PreK-12 major or minor with a few additional hours) also has been 100 percent!