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Nursing Honor Society

Pi Chi Chapter - Sigma Theta Tau International

Pi Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International is our nursing honor society. The purposes and development of leadership qualities foster high professional standards, encourage creative work, and strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession. The chapter bylaws are in accordance with Sigma Theta Tau International and are included in the student and faculty handbooks.

Those eligible for membership include the highest 35% of the class in scholarship, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. In the pre-licensure program, students are eligible in the senior year, while in the BSN Degree Completion Program, those eligible will be in the fourth or fifth semester of the program.

Notification and instructions are mailed/emailed to those eligible students in early Fall for the November induction. Students needing information in addition to the above are encouraged to contact their faculty adviser.

Scholarly activities and programs provided through the Pi Chi Chapter are open to all nursing students and the community-at-large (membership is not required).


President - Debra Lee

Secretary - Sue Shepherd

Treasurer - Stephanie Reagan

Faculty Counselor - Stephanie Burgess

Delegate - Paula Kurre

Leadership Succession:

Chair - Laurie Peach

Member - Kelly Beebe

Member - Joann Weinland

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