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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Data

Caring for persons with needs through professional competence and Christ-like compassion is the foundation of the baccalaureate nursing curriculum. This type of caring is possible as one is accountable to God, self, and persons with needs.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge from the liberal arts, sciences, humanities, Christian faith, and nursing as a source for making nursing practice decisions in a variety of nursing contexts and settings.

  2. Demonstrate Christian values, ethics, and caring qualities in nursing practice in such a way that personal values are maintained while respecting the rights and dignity of persons with varying physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual needs.

  3. Assess health status and health potential, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate wholistic nursing care in collaboration with clients (person, family, group, community, and society) and others in health care settings.

  4. Evaluate professional accountability and responsibility for the provision of quality nursing care including research, clinical decision making, and the achievement of outcomes.

  5. Utilize management and leadership skills in the provision of care for clients (person, family, group, community, and society) and in the interaction with others in health care settings.

Assessment Data

Annual First Time Pass-Rate for the NCLEX-RN®

Year #Students Pass Fail Malone Pass Rate National Pass Rate 95% of National Pass Rate
2015 39 35 4 89.74% 84.51% 80.28%
2014 48 36 12 75.0% 81.79% 77.7%
2013    63 59 4 93.6% 83.04% 78.88%
2012 56 49 7 87.5% 90.34% 85.82%
2011 57* 49 8 85.96% 87.89% 83.49%

*56 in class of 2011, 1 from class of 2010