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Malone Nurses Christian Fellowship (MNCF) & Malone Nursing Student Association (MNSA)

Students are encouraged to join the student organizations: Malone Nurses Christian Fellowship (MNCF) and/or the Malone Nursing Student Association (MNSA). These organizations assist students with professional and spiritual growth and development.

Students in the BSN (traditional) program are also encouraged to seek membership in the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) and the Ohio Nursing Student Association (ONSA) to participate at the state and national levels in order gain an understanding of the political process as well as establish a sound foundation for continued professional growth after graduation.

Check out this story on the Nurses Christian Fellowship website about a recent Malone graduate:




President - Caitlin Wells

Vice President - Dan Mangino

Secretary/Treasurer - Abigail Wiggins

PR Coordinator and Junior Representative - Holly Kreis

Nursing Chapel Coordinator - Hayley Burgess Gee

Fundraising & Mentor Program Coordinators - Alyssa Coverdale and Amanda Zima


MNSA - Bridget McNulty

MNCF- Julie Hooley