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Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Degree Completion Program

nurse with clipboard

RN-BSN Program

Are you an RN looking to complete your BSN? The Accelerated Degree Completion RN to BSN program offers two formats: hybrid and fully online. The hybrid format blends online learning with the traditional classroom environment spread over 14 months. This format is particularly appealing for students who desire the convenience of online learning while retaining the face-to-face learning experiences that build and strengthen professional relationships. 

The online format allows students from any location to partake in the program. This format is appealing for students whose schedules may not allow them to take on campus courses and for those who are looking for the convenience of all online courses. 

The courses include:

General Education Requirements:

The following general education requirements also apply, many of which are fulfilled by courses already listed above in the major requirements: one course each in communications (NRN 391); English composition; research writing; quantitative reasoning (NRN 306); and cross-cultural studies (NRN 301, 391); two courses in biblical studies/religion (BIBL 200, THEO 407); and seven courses from at least three of the following areas – English/literature; fine arts/art/music; history; economics/political science/sociology/social science; philosophy; psychology; and natural science. Interested RNs may contact our counselors or call 1-800-521-1146 ext 8246 for additional information.