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Community Resources

We're glad to share opportunities with the community when they are available.

Upcoming Workshops at Malone University

NEW! Malone now offers an AA to BA Program: Does someone in your agency have an Associates Degree and is considering getting a BA in Social Work? Check out our new AA to BA Program. Become eligible to sit for the social work licensure exam. Classes are geared toward the working person's schedule.

Small Business Owners: See "Transforming Ohio" for information on an important tax break for small businesses.

Online CEUs available - check out NASW-OH's website

Do you need to know the requirements for licensure in a different state?

Check out this Social Work Licensure Map to find out what the licensure requirements are for each state.

Employment Opportunities:

Shelterwood, a Christian therapeutic boarding school located in Independence, Missouri. Mentors, most college graduates at least 21 years of age, receive $1,000 per month stipend plus free room and board and insurance benefits during their year in Shelterwood. Openings are now available for male staff both in May and August of 2015. The next openings for female staff are in March, May, and August of 2015. Interested applicants can apply online by clicking on this link.

Position openings at Crisis Intervention & Recovery Center, Inc.

Center for Student Success has a comprehensive listing of career opportunities.