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social work

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

social work

Empowering others. At Malone, you'll learn how to help others reach their full potential. 

You'll learn to understand the individual, family, group, and societal forces that affect vulnerable people and you'll be trained to seek justice in a fallen world.

Mary Stoudenmire


"My experiences have led me to develop a new business..."

- Mary Stoudenmire
Social Work '09


The skills you'll gain as a social work major will serve you well in all areas of your life: you'll learn how to think critically, understand more about the world you live in, learn how to work with people, and learn how to navigate complicated systems.

This work prepares you for entry-level social work practice, and is a general program that will allow you to work with a wide variety of populations and client systems. All students graduating from Malone's social work program are qualified to test for a social work license in Ohio and all other states which license bachelor's degree level social workers.

A major consists of 41 hours including:

An additional 28-30 hours of social work support courses include:

Additional Information:

To be eligible to enter the major, a student must complete an application packet, be interviewed by a faculty member and receive permission to continue in the major. The application process is completed by a second interview and review of the student’s application as outlined in the Social Work Program Handbook.

Students must must receive a C or higher in SWK 345, SWK 347, SWK 348 and SWK 401 and maintain a 2.5 major GPA. To remain in the program, students must abide by the NASW Code of Ethics and by program policies as outlined within the Social Work Program Handbook.

The sequence of courses is complemented with a 450-hour senior practicum. This practicum is usually completed during the spring semester of the senior year.