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Community Cross Cultural Experience

Getting Started

REGISTER for SWK 211 Community Cross Cultural Experience Within a week of Registration closing, Jane Hoyt-Oliver, Ph.D., Coordinator for the Community Cross Cultural Experience, will email you a form. Fill out the form and return it to her. Make an appointment with Hoyt-Oliver to discuss placement options.

Key Facts

Classroom experience30-hour community experience Community experience is generally within the United States and often within close proximity to Malone.

For More Information

Contact Jane Hoyt-Oliver, Coordinator for the Community Cross-Cultural Experience in the Department of Social Work

Email: wublgbyvire+znybar+rqh
Phone: 330-471-8185
Office: Brehme Centennial Center 106


Course Description:
The Course Description for Community Cross-Cultural Experience (SWK 211) can be found on Malone's Online Catalog. Details are available from Coordinator of SWK 211 or the department's Administrative Assistant (onyoregfba+znybar+rqh ).

Prerequisite for this course:

Permission by the instructor.