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Bible and Theology, BA

Prepare for a career of service.

Gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, learn the history of Christian thought and theological doctrines. 

This major prepares you for seminary or graduate studies. If you are following God's calling to vocational missionary service, pastoral leadership, preaching, and teaching, the Bible and Theology major will equip you for your career. Bible and Theology is offered both as a major and a minor.

Hannah Kelley '09


"I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2013 with a Master of Divinity"

- Hannah Kelley
Bible and Theology

A major in Bible and Theology consists of the following:

Department of Theology Core Requirements (30 hours)

Bible and Theology Requirements (21 hours)

Electives: (3 hours) Greek, Hebrew, Upper-level Bible, Theology, Philosophy, or Internship.


*Students are required to take one year of the same language (Greek or Hebrew).