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Christian Worship, BA

Illustration Lead Worship!

Do you feel God's calling to lead Christian worship in a variety of ministry contexts?

The major in Christian Worship is designed to provide an understanding of the Bible, Christian theology, and the practice of Christian worship in today’s world.

Andrew Berg


"When we gather to worship, both our heart and our mind should be engaged."

- Andrew Berg
Youth Ministry and Music

This major is excellent preparation for students who desire to follow God’s call to lead Christian worship in a variety of possible ministry contexts and to prepare for graduate studies in ministry. Students who want to focus on formally developing their performance skills are encouraged to take selected courses in the Department of Music and/or to consider pursuing a minor through the Department of Music.

A major in Christian Worship consists of the following:

Department of Theology Core Requirements (30 hours)

Foundational Ministries Major Requirements (6 hours)

Christian Worship Track (16 hours)