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New 4+1 Program in Theological Studies


4+1 allows you to earn both your bachelor and master of arts degrees in just five years.

Meet with a faculty adviser to learn about this exciting opportunity!

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"Writing is actually the very core of good teaching."

- Duane Watson
Professor of New Testament Studies

Program Features:

Complete both your Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in five years by:

  • Selecting a major offered by the Department of Theology.
  • Meet with faculty advisors AND the graduate program director at various checkpoints throughout the program.
  • Maintain a 3.0 gpa to determine eligibility.
  • Within the last 36 semester hours of your undergraduate program, you'll be allowed to enroll for advanced standing in specified graduate courses for up to 12 hours. (Note: tuition will be charged at the undergraduate rate.)
  • Upon completion of the bachelor degree up to 12 hours of advanced standing hours with a 3.0 can be applied to the degree Master of Arts in Theological Studies.