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Student Organizations

DOTS (Department of Theology Students) is Malone's Department of Bible, Theology & Ministry Student club.

DOTS is committed to building strong Christian leaders by developing a network of spiritual, relational, and educational support. We hope to equip members with a greater awareness of ministry and provide information and opportunities to serve others. We encourage students to be involved in our activities and develop a sense of community to empower, uplift, and inspire future Christian leaders. The club hosts social events, seminars, and discussions on topics of interest beyond the classroom.

  • Hang out with other Bible, Theology & Ministry students and faculty
  • Review and discuss media/current events with biblical and theological themes
  • Attend and support events sponsored by Department of Bible, Theology & Ministry and the Malone Center for Christian Faith & Culture
  • Serve your fellow students and members of the Canton community


President: Adam Erbrick

Vice-President: Ellen Calvert

Adviser: Linda Hamilton