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Program Distinctives

Why choose the Department of Bible, Theology, and Ministry at Malone University?

We're so glad you asked! Following are distinctives about Malone's program:

  • Much of your learning will be hands-on experience through a church or parachurch setting.

  • Internship requirements are a vital part of this program.

  • You'll have the opportunity to, if you wish, combine several majors – which helps you meet the needs of the local church.

  • Malone offers both Greek and Hebrew language courses. We're one of the few that offer Hebrew.

  • In Malone's program, many of our professors come from a different faith tradition. As a student, you'll study and hopefully gain an appreciation for all of the Christian faith traditions.

  • You will plan our own events – such as a camp or a youth conference.

  • Each year, students preach in chapel and have numerous opportunities for experiential ministry.

  • Malone University houses the Center for Theology & Ministry, which exists to support and strengthen Christian communities in Northeast Ohio by providing ongoing training and leadership development, serving as a source for critical news, ideas and best practices, and facilitating increased cooperation among area churches and other key institutions.