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Majors and Programs

See the chart below for a listing of undergraduate majors and minors offered at Malone University.

See also our Graduate Programs

Undecided? (You don't have to have it all figured out just yet...)

Areas of study

Programs Degree Minor
Accounting BA x
(Also see the majors: Art History, Fine Arts & Crafts, Graphic Design & Digital Arts)
Art History  BA
Athletic Training    x
Bible and Theology BA x
Bible    x
Biblical Languages    x
Biochemistry (more details coming soon - this is a brand new major!)  BA  
Biology BA x
Biology -- Clinical Laboratory Science BA    
Business Accounting Management (Accelerated Degree Completion) BA  
Business Administration BA x
Business Information Systems Track - Computer Science Major BA     
Chemistry - two tracks: Forensic Chemistry, Graduate School BA x
Christian Worship    
Coaching     x
Communication Arts - 
With concentrations in:
Communication Studies
Theatre, Film & Media
Public Relations

BA x
Communication Studies Concentration - Communication Arts Major BA     
Community and Public Health Promotion BA x
Computer Science - With tracks in: Business Information Systems or Web Development BA x
Creative Writing BA x
Criminal & Restorative Justice  BA  
Early Childhood Education BS       
Education Programs/Teaching Licensures    
Economics       x
Educational Ministries BA x
Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Co-op Program with University of Akron) BA/BS  
English BA x
Environmental Management (Accelerated Degree Completion) BA      
Epidemiology (major in Biology; minor in Community and Public Health Promotion with a focus in Epidemiology) BA     
Exercise Science - with concentrations in Exercise Physiology, Fitness Promotions and Personal Training, or Pre-Physical Therapy BA      
Film, Theatre, and Media Concentration - Communication Arts Major BA    
Finance BA* (New)    x
Fine Arts & Crafts  BA  
Fitness Promotions and Personal Training (concentration - Exercise Science major)       x
Gender Studies       x
Global and International Studies (Secondary major) BA/BS  x
Graphic Design & Digital Arts BA  
Health Services Management (Accelerated Degree Completion) BA       
History BA x
Individualized BA       
Information Technology Track - Computer Science Major BA      
Integrated Language Arts BA       
Integrated Social Studies BA       
Intervention Specialist Education BS       
Law School Preparation/Pre-Law BA  
Liberal Arts BA      
Life Science/Chemistry Education BA          
Management (traditional undergraduate minor)       x
Marketing BA    x
Mathematics BA x
Media, Film, and Theatre Concentration - Communication Arts Major BA        
Middle Childhood Education BS       
Missions and Cross-Cultural Ministries BA    x
Music (General Music, Music Education, Music Ministry, Music Production) BA x
Music Education BS       
Music Ministry BA        
Music Production BA       
Nursing BS       
Nursing (Degree Completion for RNs) BS
Organizational Management (Accelerated Degree Completion) BA      
Outdoor Leadership        x
Pastoral Ministry BA  
Philosophy BA x
Political Science BA x
Pre-Dental: (See Biology major track  or  Chemistry major track ) BA      
Pre-Law/Law School Preparation BA        
Pre-Medicine: (See Biology major track or Chemistry major track) BA    
Pre-Optometry: (See  Biology major track  or  Chemistry major track  BA    
Pre-Pharmacy (See Chemistry major - Pre-Pharmacy is a track) BA    
Pre-Physical Therapy (See Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy is a track) BA    
Pre-Veterinary: (See Biology major track  or  Chemistry major track) BA    
Project Management (Accelerated Degree Completion) BA         
Psychology BA x
Public Relations Concentration - Communication Arts Major BA       
Social Work BA      
Sociology       x
Sport Management BA x
Teaching Certifications/Education Programs BA/BS  x
Theatre Concentration - Communication Arts Major BA     
Theology         x
Writing        x
Youth Ministry BA x
Youth/Educational Ministries BA         
Zoo and Wildlife Biology BA      

Certificates and Endorsements

Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement
Piano Pedagogy Certificate
Voice Pedagogy Certificate