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Department of Visual Arts

Welcome to the Department of Visual Arts
at Malone University 

We offer the following Bachelor of Art degrees:

Bring Your Creativity to Life

As part of Malone University’s College of Theology, Arts & Sciences, the Department of Visual Arts invites you to explore a degree in Art, Visual Art Education, a minor in Art or an art concentration within a Liberal Arts Degree.
This is your opportunity to turn your love of art and creative expression into a career that honors your God-given talent and passion.


How Will You Fill In Your Life’s Canvas?

At Malone, you’ll find a variety of directions to take your skills, while mindful of the Christian perspective. Under the guidance of nationally known faculty who are highly respected artists or experienced professionals in the art world, you’ll not only hone your technical talents, but also cultivate an appreciation for art as a reflection of a society’s perceptions of itself in the past, present and future.
You’ll enjoy internships, student exhibits, close contacts with local museums such as The Canton Museum of Art and The Cleveland Museum of Art as well as valuable, rewarding relationships with local working artists.
If you seek to master the art of self-expression and creativity in your own life and career, it’s time to prepare the canvas.

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