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Contributions to the thriving Canton art community


Here's what to look for in a university if you want to be involved in a thriving arts community: location, location, location.



Malone University art students and alumni can testify that Canton, Ohio, is a welcoming place to make the transition from classroom to gallery with relative ease.


Recently, 2007 graduate Tim Carmany, manager at the Hub Gallery and Studios, offered cash awards funded by Arts in Stark to Malone University students – with three selected for the awards.  Christie Magrell, a junior art major from Canton, Ohio,  was awarded first place with a ceramic piece winning $300; runners-up were Brian Neigh, a senior art major from Butler, Penn., for his geisha painting; and Alicia Green, a sophomore art major from Fredericksburg, Ohio, with a graphic self-portrait originally created in her Graphic Design 3 class - both winning $100. All three are students of Li Hertzi, owner/artist/designer/workshop leader at LiHertzi Design, and an adjunct professor at Malone University (Their works are pictured).

Christie Magrell

In addition, Ms. Hertzi had two students – Rachel Chamberlain, a senior art major from East Liverpool; and Garrison Myles, a junior art major from Centerburg, place in the top five in a recent logo contest conducted by Impulse Training.

Brian Neigh

Two Malone University visual arts majors – both students of lecturer Laura Donnelly - received scholarships by Ohio Designer Craftsmen to attend a Functional Ceramics Workshop: Katelyn Hughes, a sophomore art major from Canton, Ohio; and Brooke Hoffman, a junior visual arts education major form Kansas City, Mo.

Ashley Holt, a junior art major from Canton, Ohio, assisted with the exhibit and is poised to become the third consecutive Malone University student to serve as curator for the gallery.  The Dueber Gallery within The Timken Company was originally designed by alumna Cayce Wheelock, class of 2013.