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Malone Art Gallery

"Beautiful Things in Humble Places"

Senior Exhibit by Mariah Zachardy

On display March 25-31

Reception: Saturday, March 25  |  1-3 p.m.


Mariah Zachardy was born and raised in Canton, Ohio. She is the daughter of a carpenter and a florist. As a young girl, she spent her days in her mother’s flower shop. As her mother worked hard to run the business, Mariah found ways in which to fill her time in the small store. Her imagination ran wild in that place filled with flowers, paints, fabrics, scissors and glue. In the eight hours she spent in her mother’s store each day, she created. She drew, painted, sewed, designed; each day there was something new. Her love for art, crafts, and design grew greater with each project. Her parents loved and encouraged her work. Mariah has never had another passion as great as her love for art. As Mariah grew she began school and her days in her mother’s store grew shorter, yet her passion never lost its fire. She learned more and more each day at school in her art classes. Mariah’s days spent creating on the dirty floor of her mother’s store turned into hours upon hours spent in her school’s art room. Mariah learned to paint with acrylic and oils, she learned new drawing techniques and was introduced to graphic design and the Adobe design programs. Later, she pursued a college degree in art and design at Malone University. There she learned, grew, and flourished in her art. Malone University allowed Mariah to create in a positive Christ-centered environment just as her mother allowed Mariah to do as a young girl in her store.

Mariah Zachardy - Cotton Candy Clouds

God revealed Mariah’s talent to her at a young age. He constantly gives her opportunities to learn and to grow in her art daily. Today, she paints landscapes in oil and acrylic paints, she is a photographer of architecture and landscapes, and is a graphic designer of logos, business cards, promotional gear, and more. She will graduate from Malone University in May of 2017 obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Digital Arts with a minor in Marketing. Mariah identifies herself as a child of God first and a painter and graphic designer second; for it is her calling in this place.


The Gallery can be found inside the east entrance of the Johnson Center which is located at 2600 Cleveland Ave, N.W., in Canton, Ohio.  There is no admission fee and everyone is welcomed. 

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (or by appointment).
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