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Gerald & Mary Ellen McFadden Art Gallery

Student Exhibit:
2D & Animation
Instructor:  Li Herzi
on display until December 11

ocular modality

thaumatrope - gallery

thaumatrope - front

thaumatrope - back

what is a thermatrope sign

thaumatrope - artist list


Work by Li Hertzi's ART 232 - 2D Design Class

2D student work

2D Design uses studio projects to introduce a variety of 2D media and the major principles of 2D Design including line, shape, volume, rhythm, scale, balance, unity, harmony, and more. The course consists of creating artworks that focus on theory and art history-based problem solving, studio work, and demonstrations. Students learn many techniques, transform their preconceived notions of seeing, and become able to communicate important ideas clearly with words and pictures

2D student work

2D student work


The McFadden Gallery is located on the Malone campus in the Johnson Center.

The Johnson Center is located at

2600 Cleveland Ave, NW, Canton, Ohio 44709


The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.  and is closed when there are no classes in session.


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Campus Map