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Visual Arts Education (BS)



- Emily Mills

Give future generations of artists tools to express themselves in creative, fulfilling ways. 

Develop your own skills in ceramic arts, drawing, fiber arts, painting, photography, and more as you are equipped to teach art to learners in preschool through grade 12.

Completing this program will earn you a bachelor of science in visual arts education and allow you to sit for multi-age teacher licensure exams.

Heather Bullach


"I hope to honor my Creator through what I create."

- Heather Bullach '11
Bachelor of Arts Degree, Art

The major in Visual Arts Education consists of the following:

29 hours in the following art core:

6 hours of visual art education courses:

38 hours of the following professional education courses:

9 hours in an emphasis area:



Fiber Arts:




6 hours in studio electives: Two additional studio courses which are not in the student’s own area of emphasis and not in the art core.