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Program Distinctives

Why study Art at Malone University?

Great question - one we're so glad you asked! Below are a number of qualities of Malone's Visual Arts program that you won't find anywhere else. 

  • The Stark County area provides a variety of landscapes and architecture that are located within easy access of Malone’s campus, offering you many models to enhance drawing, painting, and photography projects.

  • You will have many opportunities to exhibit your work on campus: in the annual student art exhibit and in the annual photo exhibit – or unique shows such as RSVP – a conversation between visual artists and writers. Our students also enter their work in local, regional, and national exhibits.

  • The Canton/Akron area is rich with artists working in a variety of media – and they love to visit the classroom to share their expertise or invite you into their studios. 

  • Work in brand new studios – with fewer than 15 of your peers at a time. 

  • Your professors are intentional about integrating faith with learning – and demonstrate daily how their faith is a part of their lives and vocations. 

  • Professors are extremely active in the local arts community – and the local Art District and “First Friday” festivals in downtown Canton. You will participate alongside them! 

  • You will continue to work on your portfolio – and get critiques from professional artists.