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college credit plus

College Credit Plus (CCP) is a program that allows high school students  to take college courses for both high school and college credit.

As Ohio's state-funded program, CCP allows Ohio high school students to get a head start on college by enrolling in college courses while they are in high school. (College Credit Plus replaces both the old dual enrollment program and PSEO).  College courses you take at Malone count toward your Malone bachelor’s degree and will help you finish college more quickly.  Courses may also be transferred.

Malone’s participation in this program means that if you are enrolled at a public high school, there is no cost to the student or parent.  Limited funding is provided by the state of Ohio for home-schooled students and private high school students.

To be eligible for College Credit Plus, you must:

Complete the application packet by April 1 which includes:

  • Application for Admission
  • 250-word written essay (see application)
  • Official high school transcript
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Interview with CCP Admissions Counselor as requested
  • Have an understanding of and agree to abide by Malone's Community Agreement (also included in the application)

College Credit Plus Materials: