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Earn Credit for Life Experience

Not all learning takes place in the university classroom.

There are two types of prior learning that may be awarded university credit:

  • learning through work, home, community and other environments
  • learning from professional and technical training

What is the Portfolio Development course? 

This is a credit gathering option for the Accelerated Degree in Management students.  The Portfolio is a collection of documents consisting of a resume, summary of college course work, chronology (listing of significant dates), autobiography, technical/professional training, and life-learning essays.

How is Credit Awarded? 

To petition for prior learning credit, students must complete the three-credit-hour Portfolio Development course (GEN 111).  A letter grade is assigned for the course. The sections of the portfolio that include documented training and life learning essays are reviewed for additional credit.

How Many Credits May Be Earned? 

Essays and training may be reviewed for up to 28 semester credits.  Each life learning essay may be evaluated for up to three credits.  There is no limit to the number of essays written within the maximum number of credits allowed.  Credits awarded for training are based on the number of clock hours or Continuing Education Units (CEU's).  Also required is a statement of what was learned in the training.