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If you started college but didn't finish, degree completion is for you.

You were on your way to a bachelor's degree, but life happened. Perhaps it was finances or family and work demands. Maybe health concerns or other personal issues kept you from completing your degree.

There's no reason to wait any longer. Your degree can be completed in as fast as 15 months. Ground classes meet once a week for four hours. Classes also can be taken online. 

  • Take one course at a time in approximately six-week increments. 

  • The fellow students you begin with stay with you through the program. 

  • 80 percent graduation rate 

  • Financial aid available to qualified students 

  • Delay payment of tuition and fees if they are reimbursed by your employer after grades are released.

  • Approved for veterans' and Ohio National Guard benefits. 

Jeffrey Hoehn
Taking the first step absolutely is scary, there's no way around it. But once you get into the program... it becomes part of your life. I'm thrilled that I finally completed my degree. 

- Jeffrey Hoehn, degree completion graduate 

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