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Upcoming Accelerated Degree in Management Program Classes

Ground classes meet once a week on the same day for a four-hour session for approximately 15 months. Online classes are accessible 24/7.



Health Services Management and Project Management are now offered as primary majors for the Spring of 2017! Contact the Graduate and Professional Studies office for details regarding both programs: 330.471.8500 or gps@malone.edu


Class Location Class Start Class Meeting Night Class Number Major

Spring 2017

Online February 20 24/7

Malone University February 22 Wednesdays M274 Organizational

Online February 20 24/7 MO013 Health Services/Project

Two to three weeks prior to the start of the Online Accelerated Degree in Management program, email communication begins to the students from the Distributed Learning Office, Business Office, and Graduate and Professional Studies. Books are sent to the students during this time.

*Please note that the dates posted are projections and may be subject to change. Contact the GPS Department at 330.471.8500 or gps@malone.edu for confirmation of dates.*