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Frequently Asked Questions for Returning Students

Below are the questions most frequently asked by students who are returning to Malone next year.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us - or stop by our offices in Founders Hall.

Q. Do I have to file my FAFSA every year?
A. Yes - if you want to receive financial aid, you must file every year.

Q. Is there a filing deadline for financial aid?
A. March 1 is the priority filing deadline.

Q. Does that mean I won't be eligible for financial aid if I don't meet the deadline?
A. No, but by meeting the deadline, you are maximizing your eligibility for all forms of financial aid.

Q. I am thinking about dropping hours. Do I need to notify financial aid?
A. Yes! You need to contact the financial aid office to find out how it may affect your financial aid.