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Organizational Leadership Program Features

A "hybrid" model combining Online and On Campus Courses

The program is delivered in a hybrid model. This means that some of the courses are completed in the classroom and some are completed online. This enables the student to take up to two courses at a time leading to a 16-month completion time frame.  The program is also available 100% online.

Professional & Doctoral Studies Preparation Tracks

Additionally, the program is offered in two tracks. One track is for professionals who want to complete their formal education at the master's level. The second track is for students who desire to continue their education beyond the master's level. The primary difference in the two is that the second track includes a more rigorous research and statistical component, preparing the student for doctoral studies.

Small Class Sizes

Our class size is kept small to facilitate learning, networking among the students, and a high level of student-faculty interaction. Our distinguished faculty are exceptional teachers who want to help you succeed.