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Special Tuition Discount in Education - Limited Time

The School of Education at Malone University is offering 50% off the tuition for an MAEd degree and for non-degree students in the following programs: 

Educational Leadership

Prepares teachers to become administrators in their schools and leads to a principal's license.

Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development

Provides teachers with the knowledge and leadership skills to help other teachers transform their student's learning experiences and prepares teachers for the Administrative Specialist license.

Tuition discount is available for those who begin in the academic 2011-2012 year and summer 2012.  The discount is honored throughout the program for continuously enrolled students.

How is the program scheduled?

  • Courses are typically offered in the evening and meet one night/week.
  • Some courses are offered on Saturdays and meet for six Saturdays.
  • The semester is divided into two consecutive terms and each term is eight weeks.  
    (For example, the fall semester has a term on that would be offered from August/September
    through October.  The second term would be offered from October through December.)

When can I begin the program?

New students are admitted year-round.  For example, a student could begin the program in term one or two of the fall / spring semester.

Graduate and Professional Studies Enrollment

2600 Cleveland Avenue NW
Canton, Ohio, 44709

Dan DePasquale, graduate recruiter