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Transfer Student Requirements

Malone University is honored to welcome transfer students!

  1. If you have good records of scholarship and conduct in other accredited institutions, apply online here and select "Transfer Student Undergraduate Application."

  2. If you are under age 21 and have fewer than 30 semester credits of accredited transfer work, you'll need to submit a high school transcript or GED scores along with your college or university transcript(s) as well as ACT or SAT scores. Malone University does not use the Writing portion of the ACT or SAT when determining admission decisions or scholarship amounts.

  3. Understand your financial aid—our financial aid professionals are here to assist you. We want to be sure you understand what aid you are eligible for and make sure there are no surprises regarding what you have already used up if you have previously received financial aid. Please review this document to discover how you can monitor the financial aid you have already used.

  4. We make every effort to make sure all of your credits transfer! A transfer applicant must provide an official transcript from each institution attended after high school. Please make sure to do this because failure to report prior college/university attendance or furnish official transcript(s) cancels all enrollment privileges. This also applies to Post-Secondary-Enrollment students. 

  5. The average grade in courses allowed for transfer from each school must be 2.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale). This means that for every grade of “D” accepted there must be another grade of at least “B” for an equal number of credits.

  6. Courses accepted by transfer will be recorded with the course number, title, and credit value; no grade point value will appear on the record and no grade point average will be calculated for the coursework listed. However, the grade point average for all coursework in the major (including transfer courses) will be calculated. The grade point average of all college or university work attempted will be used to determine honors. (For further clarification, see Graduation Honors below.)

  7. To graduate, you must complete at least 30 semester hours at Malone University. These 30 semester hours cannot in any part include credit for extra-collegiate learning or credit by examination. No rigid standard exists for the number of credits that can be transferred from regionally accredited two-year colleges, Bible colleges, liberal arts colleges, etc. The number of hours allowable may be different in each case, as determined by five variable considerations:

    (1) the kinds of courses presented

    (2) the grades earned in each course

    (3) the course of study pursued at Malone University

    (4) the credit recommendations of the publication, “Transfer Credit Practices of Designated Educational Institutions” (pub., AACRAO)

    (5) the academic record established at Malone during the first 15 semester hours of attendance.

  8.  All transfer credit is tentative until you have successfully completed at least 15 semester hours with not less than a 2.0 grade point average. Transfer credits will be posted to your permanent record only after the above requirements are met. If you are a transfer student admitted to Malone, you must apply for a major (upon completion of required tests). Prospective teachers must also apply for admission to teacher education.

Transient Students

If you are working toward a degree at another college or university, you may still enroll for courses at Malone as a "transient student." Transient students must present a letter from the dean or registrar of the college/university you are enrolled at, indicating approval of the specific courses you will take. Attending more than one year of "transient" full-time courses changes your status.