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Linda Kurtz Hoffman

Linda Hoffman

Linda Hoffman

“I'm passionate about what I do! It's an honor to assist students along their journey to Malone University. ”

If you are reading this, I'm already impressed with you and convinced that you are the type of student we want to see here at Malone University! You go the extra mile, work hard, dig deep and are committed to making great decisions.  It's students like you and the many current Malone students that makes my job so great.

I believe in higher Christian education and know first hand how an education at a Christian university can change lives--it changed mine.  I have loved watching lives impacted and students going on to do great things over the past 25 years. 

I hope you will take a serious look at Malone--take a close look during a campus visit!  I look forward to meeting you on campus!  Keep up the good work!

Students from the following areas are assigned to Linda:

Ohio Counties: International Students and Re-Admits